Sora Ergonomic Task Chair by Global Office Furniture



Sora is one of the newest ergonomic chairs from Global, a leader in office chairs for years. Global products are made in Canada and are produced to your specifications.

Sora is a funny name for a chair. Someone in marketing didn’t check with their video game playing, Simpsons-watching co-workers on this one. Could have called it something else, maybe? Making fun of this name is like shooting fish in a barrel or making teenagers depressed. It’s just too easy.

It’s like selling a tire called the Flatty or opening a restaurant called ReHeat. How about a car name Crasher? A mattress called back pain? Burpster beer?

It’s a good thing it sits well and performs with a name like Sora. Select from a ton of fabrics and mesh options to make a statement in your space. Loaded with nice features, the Sora is customizable with different armrests, mechanisms, and more.  Visit the local showroom to try this chair before you go to find a carry-out solution.

Drive-thru office chairs are going to treat your body like any other drive-thru experience. Visit a showroom, take a test ride, pick your colors, and enjoy the feeling of knowing you made a smart decision. Your body will thank you.


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