Saavi Guest by Beniia Office Furniture



Elegant and simple. The Saavi guest chair is truly a piece of art.

Other designers look at it and think “I wish I would have come up with this..”

With hi-tech materials and the latest processes, the Saavi MP comes to life. Most chairs that look this good don’t sit that well. You’ll be shocked at how the Saavi breaks this mold.

The flexible frame of the backrest offers relief while the special mesh on the seat and backrest offers abundant support and yet cradles your body just right.  The mesh has been selected to complement the users posture while maintaining resilience and longevity.

Ideal for guest seating applicants, the Saavi MP chairs come standard with small rollers on the front legs that make it easy for visitors to move the Saavi in and out of its position.

Add armrests to complete the package.  The optional armrests are made of cast aluminum brushed to a soft finish for a lustrous look and complement any space.

The Saavi Multi-Purpose chair is great for collaborative spaces, visitor places, guest areas, and more.


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