Herman Miller Aeron ‘B’ Work Chair


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Pre-owned Aeron Work Chair, Size B

the iconic Herman Miller Aeron chair is the mesh chair that started it all.  There are many copies, but no substitutes for the Aeron chair.  The Aeron was introduced by Herman Miler in the 80s and it was an oddity at the time.  The classic style and ergonomic features are now industry standards.  The value of used Herman Miller Aeron chairs is a testament to their position in the lexicon of classic furniture.

These Aerons are a hard-to-find item, so when you see the one you like, move quickly and grab it while you can.  You can easily re-sell your Aeron when you want, and maybe turn a little profit.

– Pellicle Classic Seat Back and Seat Pan Mesh, color Carbon (3D01)
– Patented Body Conforming Mesh, Breathable
– Kinemat Tilt for Natural Pivot of Ankles, Knees and Hips
– Adjustable Pneumatic Seat Height
– Adjustable Back Tilt Resistance
– Adjustable Height Arms, Black Armpads
– Adjustable Arm Angle
– Adjustable Lumbar Support, Height and Depth
– Hard Carpet Casters, Black Yoke
– Frame and Base, color Graphite

Tilt Functions:
– Standard Tilt
– Adjustable Tilt Limiter
– Adjustable Forward Tilt

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