Etano CL Conference Chair by Beniia Office Furniture



First impressions are everything.  Letting your client sit through a meeting in a dumpy, uncomfortable chair will be part of their take-away.  You dont need to have to climb out of that hole.  You need the tools of the trade.  You need a nice place to meet.   You need a place to shine.  You need Etano.

Your goal:  Solid presentation, nice environment, great people…..   the total package.  The Etano chair from Beniia will help you get there.  In fact, the Etano sits so well, you may find people hanging around longer just because.

This chair has it all.  A great sit, a great look, and the price is in a sweet spot.  Impress your guests with a nice place to sit.  The modern design and handcrafted details are blended to create a product that not only looks good, but is functional, even utilitarian.  Whether your conference room is used for grinding out meetings and daily work or if its designed to create first impressions with important clients, the Etano Conference Chair from Beniia Office Furniture is an excellent choice.

Click here to view the Etano CL Conference Chair spec sheet and brochure.


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