Collaborative & Coworking Spaces

Collaborative spaces are one of the newest tools for creating innovative cultures in organizations.  The idea of bringing talented people together in a space that is designed to foster the creative elements that lead to innovative solutions is not new, but it has been refined.  Groups, teams, and other names for collaborative enterprises have been around since business started.  The latest generation of organizational changes has focused on this as a critical part of the business environment.  One of the other innovations in business culture is the advent of co-working spaces.   These have evolved for different reasons and deliver value in different ways, but primarily offer flexibility in leasing spaces.  Companies grow and shrink and move, and the old model of a business-owned building or a long-term lease of 10 years is a non-starter for many companies.  The ability to flex in and out of a space as needed is essential for an economy made up of small and medium sized businesses and this trend will continue.

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