Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are the latest innovation in space-saving efficiency.  Designed for training rooms and other classroom environments where flexibility is the key. The flip-n-go capability of most nesting tables make them a favorite for educational applications as well as corporate and other multi-use facilities.  Paired with a good mobile nesting chair, the flip tables can create a flexible apace that improves the user experience and impacts the bottom line.  Another innovation in flip/nest tables is the telescoping beam introduced by Beniia.  This feature enables users to change the table size and repurpose the table.  Just another way good furniture design can help lower our carbon footprint.  Another innovative feature found on the Doobi nesting table from Beniia is the leveling glides in each caster.  With this feature, you can gang the tables to create a large collaborative space and adjust the tables to the same plane with ease. 

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