Ergonomic Task Chairs

Ergonomic task chairs are in the top 5 work tools for every well-designed workspace.   Designed to provide support during long hours of grinding out keyboard rhythms for work and play, the ergonomic task chair is a step up from most of the chairs you may find at big-box stores and generic online sites.  A decent ergonomic task chair is designed around the user and provides adjustments that enable the users to correctly fit the chair to their posture and form.

 Adjustable seat depth and adjustable armrests are two of the basic requirements for an ergonomic chair.  Many of the leading products in the ergonomic category offer a mesh backrest for extra comfort and either a mesh seat or a molded foam seat cushion.  An ergonomic chair brand like humanscale or neutral posture may offer a wide variety of specialized ergonomic features that are designed almost as a therapeutic device rather than an office chair.  

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