Finding The Right Office Chairs In Chicago

Finding the right office chairs for your business is pivotal. It’s more important than you may realize at first. The hardworking individuals in your Chicago workplace deserve to be comfortable in a space and position where they’ll be spending roughly 8 hours (or more!) of their day. High-quality office chairs are the best and most cost-effective way to ensure your associates stay productive and happy.

Chicago’s business scene comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re running a suburban startup or managing a large corporate division downtown, the right office chairs ensure comfort and communicate the kind of company culture you want your associates and visitors to see.

And remember: seeing is believing. Buying quality office chairs (or really any office furniture for that matter) demands that you try before you buy (or sit before you commit)! It is an investment in the health and happiness of your workforce. So you don’t want to make any final purchases impulsively without seeing, sampling and trying out the chairs for yourself first.

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Five Things To Consider When Looking For Office Chairs In Chicago
Five Things To Consider When Looking For Office Chairs In Chicago

Here Are Five Things You Should Know About Shopping For Office Chairs In Chicago:

1. Height Adjustable.

For starters, you’ll want to consider your height and posture. The best chairs should support your natural sitting position from head to toe. Any office chair that you purchase for yourself or your associates should be adjustable to a wide height range to accommodate just about anyone in the room. Try to find one with a pneumatic lever that lets you raise or lower the seat to the perfect level – specifically so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Your joints should all be at 90-degree angles. This indicates a perfect posture and illustrates that proper adjustments are being made for the chair.

You should also consider how your chair height will impact your arms and shoulders. A great height adjustable office chair will also have adjustable armrests that can rotate inwards or outwards depending on your natural working posture. These armrests will provide your arms with the proper cradled support while also preventing you from shrugging (an unnatural posture which can cause neck and back strain).

2. Waterfall Seats.

Look for a seat pan that curves downward. This ensures that the seat doesn’t catch its occupant behind the knees. This can cause joint pain or a painful abrasion behind the knee. Office chairs with waterfall seats will have enough contour to ensure proper weight distribution. This way, the occupants rear end will not become t3 numb. This kind of seat will embrace and cradle the occupant in a very natural sitting position.

Your chair should be both wide enough and deep enough to ensure you’re seated comfortably. The seat is a complement to every other part of the chair. It allows the backrest, neck rest, armrests and materials to all function as they are designed. It cushions your posterior without adding any stress to other areas of your lower body.

3. Great Lumbar Support.

Office chairs with great lumbar support consider a few different things. You’ll want to be mindful of your posture, movement, resting states and so much more. When looking for great lumbar support, start from the back and work your way forward. Your chair should support your lower back with a slight arch so that it actually alleviates or reduces the need for slouching. Look for an adjustable backrest that suits your natural movements (upright postures, reclining, etc.).

The backrest should contour and adapt to your movement, providing full lower back support throughout the time you’re sitting in it. You should notice a reduced tension or pressure in the lower (lumbar) disks in your spine. What’s more, you shouldn’t need any kind of tools to make the required adjustments. Great office chairs (like some ergonomic chairs or task chairs) are usually easy to adjust with an accessible lever or mechanism to lock in your chair settings.

Contact Best Office Chairs In Chicago Near Me
Contact Best Office Chairs In Chicago Near Me

4. Breathable Material Are Always Better.

There are several options you can consider when it comes to office chair materials. Plastic, fabric, mesh, and vinyl are all very popular options. But selecting a material is less about the fabric itself and more about how your body responds to the fabric. You will always feel more comfortable with one that lets your body breathe through the fabric while also striking a balance between hard and soft. Breathable materials will be airy, non-abrasive and non-itchy. They’ll allow for the easy transfer of hot and cold air to and from your body while sitting in it. This will prevent you from sweating or getting the chills while seated.

You’ll also want to consider the overall firmness of that material. A harder material will likely be more painful after sitting for extended periods. But a softer material may not offer you enough support in key areas, leading to aching joints and pain. It’s important to find office chairs with breathable (and durable) material that also strike a balance between these levels of firmness.

5. Swivels And Casters.

The new, modern office work landscape demands a chair that is dynamic. Your movement needs to measure up to the pace of your working environment. Whatever kind of office chair you’re seeking (task chairs, conference chairs, ergonomic chairs, etc.), it should empower and encourage that movement.

The highest quality use swivels and casters that allow for comfortable and pacey movement all over the modern office space. Ergonomic office chairs, in particular, are highly adept at improving circulation and oxygen flow while encouraging movement around the office. Swivels allow your chair to rotate within your workspace (be it a cubicle, office or other) so you can maximize efficiency in your work-flow. Casters help you hastily move from one spot to another without having to get up (or forfeit any comfort). You’ll also want to be mindful of the flooring in your office. Make sure you choose casters that roll across the flooring (hard surface or carpet) without damaging it.

How can you be sure you’ve found the right ergonomic chair, task chair, or conference seating for your office? Once again, the only way to be absolutely sure is to try it out first. Visiting a local office furniture showroom guarantees the chance to experience how your body will respond to a new chair – as well as how the chair will respond to you. Finding the right office chair requires diligence and sitting before committing. Stop into your local Chicago office furniture showroom today and put this knowledge to good use.

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